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Designed and manufactured in Australia.

About Us

Swell Architectural Windows is led by Jarrod Hirth a seasoned commercial glazier with 24 years of hands-on experience in the glazing industry. From high-rise buildings, shopfronts to architecturally designed homes, Jarrod has been intricately involved in fabricating, installing and designing aluminium glass windows that marry functionality with aesthetics.

Swell Architectural Windows offers an extensive range of window products, including Vantage®, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART™ from the Architectural Window Systems (AWS) suite. The wide range of quality, backed by decades of technical knowledge, means you will receive a premium service from fabrication right through to installation for your next residential or commercial project.

Australian Made

We supply the Australian designed Vantage® and Elevate® ranges of aluminium window and door systems. These systems are completely designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Fully Tested & Certified

Our range of windows and doors undergo thorough testing and certification to meet and exceed Australian Standards.


Count on our unwavering reliability to deliver consistent quality and service, ensuring your trust in every aspect of our business.

Extensive Range

Connect with Swell Architectural Windows for expert guidance in selecting the ideal product for your project. Additionally, we offer tailored solutions for windows and doors to match your specific requirements.

We Supply the Following Ranges


Residential contemporary aluminium windows and doors for your lifestyle.


Architecturally inspired systems for superior style and performance.


Australia’s leading range of thermally broken aluminium doors and windows.

Residential Series

Designed specifically for affordability and interior comfort in Australian conditions, the Residential Series consists of a 50mm frame offering high water resistance, low air infiltration and is tested for compliance with all relevant Australian Standards for performance and strength.

Designer Series

The Designer Series is architecturally inspired, featuring a 102mm frame and bold sash designs to give a clean, striking aesthetic. These systems are designed to offer superior performance characteristics ideal for high-end residential applications.

Architectural Series

The Architectural Series is both modern and meticulous in design. Its shapes reflect the designer preference for clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square-edge ‘cubist’ forms.

Commercial Series

These systems were developed for use in commercial, institutional and light industrial applications, and often find their place in high-end residential homes by offering economical, high performance glazing solutions that meet and exceed building standards for large openings. Can be used in conjunction with Commercial Framing and Architectural Series systems to achieve style and function for the perfect glazing solution.

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